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Free Minute Mixology Samples

minute mixology sample

Fill out the form on their page to request free Minute Mixology Single Serve Cocktail Mixer samples.

Tea of Titans Sample

tea of titans

Fill out the form on their page to request a free Tea of Titans tea sample.  Available while supplies last.  

Free Fuxion Drink Mix


Fill out the form to request a free Fuxion drink mix sample. Choose from their Healthy Cappuccino Drink, Natural Energy Drink, or Natural Weight Support Drink.

Free Ohio Wine Wheel

free ohio wine wheel guide

Free Ohio wine wheel from Ohio Wines and you can order a wine guide.  The wine wheel teaches about the wines and their tastes, how to store the wines, and well as good wine and food pairings.  I heard a glass of wine a day is healthy. 

Free Everything Seasoning

everything seasoning

Still Available: Fill out the form to receive a free sample of Tex Blair’s Everything Seasoning.  

Wow Butter Freebie

wow butter

Get a Wow Butter freebie.  They are asking that you call them at 1-866-296-6081 to get the promotion code to make your order free.  If you do not have the code when filling out the form, I will not be free.  They give out a limited amount of codes per day so if you miss out today try tomorrow.  I bet this butter is good, don’t you love food sampling? 

2 Free Amsety Bars


If you care about your liver sign up for 2 free Amsety bars. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and as a short snack in between. Available to the first 250 only.

Free Vegetarian Stuff

Do you desire a healthy and active body which do not get tired easily and have the ability to work harder? If so, you have to work towards it. In most cases, supplements and vegetables help significantly in strengthening your body and making it an active. This is important since they have high nutritional value. However, it is important to choose the right foods for that. Since they can be quite expensive, you cannot shift from one option to another. For this reason, it is sensible to opt for free information and free vegetarian stuff. By taking free samples for a couple of weeks or months, you can have a good idea about whether a particular free vegetarian stuff is working or not and whether you are experiencing any major side effects because of it.

Free Sample of North Prairie Family Farms Canola Oil

canola oil

Fill out their short form for a free 2 ounce sample of North Prairie Family Farms canola oil.  Available while supplies last.