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New PETA Stickers

peta stickers

This is the first time I am seeing this offer so I think it is brand new.  Get these new PETA stickers by mail when signing up using the form on the very bottom of the page.  The webpage also gives you several ideas for where you can place them so people will notice. 

Proud Obama Voter Sticker

proud obama voter

If you would like to show you continued support for President Obama and his policies claim a free Proud Obama Voter sticker by mail.  The sticker is provided by the DCCC.  We understand not everyone supports President Obama, we post freebies for both sides of the isle. 

Free Got Science Sticker

science stickers

Take a really short quiz and get a free Got Science sticker.  This sticker from the Union of Concerned Scientists is just one of many free stickers by mail at you can stick all over your house. After completing the freebie submission form it will ask you if you’d like to make a donation, you can just close that page. 

Rand Paul 2016 Bumper Stickers

rand paul bumper stickers

Get free Rand Paul 2016 bumper stickers.  Rand Paul is a controversial senator from Kentucky and could possibly be the Republican nominee for president in the year 2016.  By posting this freebie, we are neither saying we would or wouldn’t support Rand Paul, we are just simply posting a freebie. 

Free ‘Not a Liberal’ Bumper Stickers

free bumper stickers

Whenever we post a political driven freebie it is bound to make many people happy and annoy a bunch of others.  We post them only because they are free samples by mail and some people want them.  You can get the ‘Not a Liberal’ free bumper stickers by signing up for the offer from the Medical Research Center.