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Free Oregon Coast Sticker by Mail

oregon stickers

Receive a free Oregon Coast sticker by mail from Oregon Beach Vacations.  The Oregon Coast seems like a lovely place to visit, summer time must be the right time of year to visit.  Get both nature and relaxation! 

New PETA Stickers

peta stickers

This is the first time I am seeing this offer so I think it is brand new.  Get these new PETA stickers by mail when signing up using the form on the very bottom of the page.  The webpage also gives you several ideas for where you can place them so people will notice. 

Free Love is the Law Bumper Sticker

love is the law

Get a free Love is the Law bumper sticker by mail from Minnesotans United for All Families.  We understand that some, but not all of our visitors will agree with this sticker’s message, we are just posting the link and not making a stance either way.  

Free The End of Alzheimer’s Sticker


Get a free ‘The End of Alzheimer’s Sticker’.  If you are truly interested in this cause please sign up for a free sticker to support finding the cure for Alzheimer’s.  Even if a family member or someone you don’t know has the condition, you may want to dedicate a little of your time to support their endeavor.  Those of us that are currently healthy must be thankful every day.  Have a great day Crappers.

Free Pro-Gun Decals

pro-gun decals

Some of our visitors here will like this, other wont like this offer.  You can choose among 4 different free pro-gun decals from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association.