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Free Panda Poles Stickers

panda poles

Fill out the short form on their page to request free Panda Poles stickers.  Available while supplies last.  

Free Nasty Women Vote Bumper Sticker

nasty women vote

For a limited time you can sign up for a free “Nasty Women Vote” bumper sticker.  With the election coming November 8th hopefully they will send these out soon for those interested.  We are not a politics site, we just post free stuff.  

Free Blue York Shark Sticker

blue york shark sticker

Do you care about our local sharks? Become a Blue Yorker and help us raise awareness. They’ll send a free shark sticker so you can flaunt your new status.  Scroll to the bottom of their page and fill out their require sign up fields.  

Free I ♡ Birds Decal

i love birds sticker

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology would like to help share your love of birds with others by sending you a free I ♡ Birds decal that’s perfect for your car or house window.

Free Savage Race Decal

savage race decal

Fill out the form on the right hand side of their page to request a free Savage Race decal by mail.  One sticker can be sent per address.  

Free GoPro Stickers


Request free GoPro stickers by mail.  You are able to order new stickers through them every three months. GoPro develops, manufactures and markets high-definition action camcorders, often used in extreme-action video photography.

Free Vial of Life Decals

vial of life

These free Vial of Life decals are vinyl UV coated fade-resistant, self-adhesive stickers, that will stand up to most weather conditions.

Get Things Done for America Stickers

get things done for america

Add to cart and checkout for free Get Things Done for America stickers by mail from Americorps.

Free Republicans Against Trump Sticker

republicans against trump

We must say first that not everyone will like this, we just post freebies at Complimentary Crap. Take the pledge to get your free Republicans Against Trump sticker.