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Free SmileRound Stickers


Get free SmileRound stickers.  The idea of these is to get one, then stick something of value to it for somebody you don’t know to take.  Hopefully they will do the same someday, and maybe you will be on the receiving end of a gift from someone.  Try it if you’d like, it is up to you! 

Kentucky Democratic Party Sticker

kentucky democratic party

Sign up for a free Kentucky Democratic Party sticker.  With mid-terms coming up, the Democrats are trying to put Kentucky into play. 

Free Yoga Stickers

yoga stickers

Get free yoga stickers.  Not only will you get a free We Are Yoga sticker, but if you check out their website you can find out about big yoga events, share your thoughts on their blog, and shop. 

Create American Jobs Bumper Sticker

american jobs bumper stickers

Sign up for a free Create American Jobs bumper sticker.  The Reshore Your IT sticker is a way for those who support bringing these millions of jobs back to America. 

Free Pro-Gun Decals

pro-gun decals

Some of our visitors here will like this, other wont like this offer.  You can choose among 4 different free pro-gun decals from the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association.