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Free SmileRound Stickers


Get free SmileRound stickers.  The idea of these is to get one, then stick something of value to it for somebody you don’t know to take.  Hopefully they will do the same someday, and maybe you will be on the receiving end of a gift from someone.  Try it if you’d like, it is up to you! 

Create American Jobs Bumper Sticker

american jobs bumper stickers

Sign up for a free Create American Jobs bumper sticker.  The Reshore Your IT sticker is a way for those who support bringing these millions of jobs back to America. 

Free Armed Citizen Bumper Sticker

armed citizen bumper stickers

Here is a controversial sticker that will make some happy and others cringe.  Get a free Armed Citizen bumper sticker by mail. “Every hour of every day a law-abiding citizen relies on our Second Amendment freedoms to protect his or herself, family or home. Send a powerful message to politicians and criminals that you will fight to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

Free “I Believe” Window Sticker


Get this free “I Believe” window sticker by mail. Their ministry will mail free of charge two I Believe sets to each unique mail address making a request. Please Note: An I Believe set consists of (1) Window Sticker and (1) Truth Statement. All orders are sent via First Class mail.

Free Oregon Coast Sticker by Mail

oregon stickers

Receive a free Oregon Coast sticker by mail from Oregon Beach Vacations.  The Oregon Coast seems like a lovely place to visit, summer time must be the right time of year to visit.  Get both nature and relaxation!