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Free Spider Identification Chart

spider identification chart

If you would like to know what kind of spider is crawling around your house right now and if it is potentially dangerous, sign up for this free spider identification chart by mail from Termite [dot] com.  Summertime seems like the peak season for roaming spiders. 

Free Fornett Wood Flooring Samples


Fornett is offering the opportunity to select 7 free sample color options from their range of wood flooring. This gives you a “touch feel“ experience of how your actual flooring may look and feel in your own exclusive environment.

Free Soil Collection Kit

Get a free soil collection kit from the Natural Products Selection Group. The group uses a variety of chemical and molecular research methods for converting nature’s chemical bounty into compounds that can improve people’s lives.

Free Joybird Furniture Swatches

joybird swatch

Give your furniture a little color and protection by signing up for these free Joybird Furniture swatches by mail. It is a simple submission form. Possibly you will like them so much you will want to order more.

Rejuvenate Sample

rejuvenate sample

Join the Rejuvenate Reward Program and get exclusive coupons and product samples – all for free! Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Free Tempur Pedic Kit

tempur pedic kit

If you are interested in a new mattress you can sign up for a free Tempur Pedic kit.  Included is a DVD, sample material, and more.  Enter your email address and then the sign up form will appear.  We are posting it because it is a freebie but we heard bad things about their sales practices. 

Free Mega Charmin Roll Extender

free charmin roll extender

Request up to three mega Charmin roll extenders by calling 1-800-777-1410 to make an automated order. Wait for the option for a free Charmin extender. You leave a message with your name and mailing address.

Free Purple Squishy

free purple squishy

Test the Smart Comfort Grid technology mattresses with a free Purple Squishy mailed to your home. Fill out the form on the bottom of their page to make your request. Available while supplies last.

Free Kitchen Project Prep Kit (Michigan Only)

kitchen project prep kit free

Sign up to request a free kitchen project prep kit from Hard Rock Stone Works.

  • An Introductory Letter
  • About Them
  • How to Measure Guide
  • HRSW Brochure
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil