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Free Tap’N’Fresh Wet Wipes

Fill out the form on their page to request a free sample by mail of eco-friendly Tap’N’Fresh wet wipes.  

Invisi Glides Sample

Their sample packs allow potential customers to try InvisiGlides risk free! Order your sample pack today and see for yourself how InvisiGlides can protect your floors longer than any other glide on the market.

Free Hard Water Test Kit from Morton Salt

Request a free hard water test kit from Morton Salt. Many homes do not have water softeners even though some are badly in need. Get your test kit by filling out their information.

Free Dowan Porcelain Sample

Fill out the form on their page to request a free Dowan porcelain sample by mail.  The webpage does not specify what your sample will be.  This one is to residents on the United States only.  

Free Recycling Bags

free recycling bags

Fill out the form on their page to receive free recycling bags.  100% free of charge.  

Free Air Water LIfe PH Test Kit

Enter your shipping details to request a free Air Water Life PH test kit. Discover if your bottled and tap water is alkaline or acidic with this free pH test kit. A $20 value includes everything you need to see the pH of your bottled or tap water yourself.

Free Fornett Wood Flooring Samples


Fornett is offering the opportunity to select 7 free sample color options from their range of wood flooring. This gives you a “touch feel“ experience of how your actual flooring may look and feel in your own exclusive environment.

Free Chair Care Sample

Click on the “Free Sample” button on their page, a pop-up will appear.  Fill out the form to request a free Chair Care sample by mail.  

Free Deer Busters Fence Sample

deer busters

Protect your garden! Fill out the form on their page to request a free Deer Busters fence sample.