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Zuma Green Juice Sample

zuma green juice sample

Fill out the form to request a free Zuma Green juice sample. I had to refresh the webpage when I first entered. This tea is made with organic fruits, vegetables, greens, and superfoods.

Free Clean Whey Protein Bar

clean why protein bar

Click on the “Get a Free Clean Whey Bar” link at the bottom of their page. You will be prompted to fill in the required information so they can send your the free protein bar.

Free Spiru-Tein Samples – Blueberries and Cream | Black Berry Chocolate

blue berries sample

Receive a free Spiru-Tein mix sample by mail. Spiru-Tein shifts the meal replacement world away from sugars with natural xylitol to benefit low-glycemic dieters – and still offer tantalizingly delicious flavors.

Free Skinny Mini Double Chocolate Fudge Crunch Shake Sample

skinny mini shake

Click on the green “free sample” tab to access the freebie form for a free Skinny Mini Double Chocolate Fudge Crunch Shake sample. This product delivers energizing, diet-enhancing nutrition while satisfying dieters’ deepest cravings for rich, decadent chocolate taste.

Free Potent-C Instant Energy Packet


A lot of the Natures Plus samples have become available lately.  Right now you can sign up for a free Potent-C Instant Energy packet. Potent C Energy Powder dissolves instantly in water and provides instant energy in a delicious orange juice flavor.

Free Venture Protein Bar

venture bar

Sign up to request a free Venture protein bar. Venture Bars use only the finest ingredients; no junk! Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Green Tea X50 Sample (Australia Free Sample Only)

green tea x50 sample

If you would like to try Green Tea X50 choose a flavor from their dropdown box and complete their form. There is also a link on their page “click here” that will allow you to sample more than one of their flavors.

Free Basic Greens Drink Powder

basic greens sample

Fill out the form on their page to request a free packet of Basic Greens Drink Powder.  

Profi Health Snack Samples (Canada Only)

profi samples

Leave your email and get a free sample of both PROFI’s Pro Original (Protein Booster) & PROFI Pro Chocolate. Available while supplies last.