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Playtex Freebie

playtex freebies

Still Available: Finally the Playtex freebie is back.  Choose either their Sports Pad or Sports Liner product sample.  Easy form, available while supplies last.

Depends Samples (New Link)

depends samples

Get Depends samples for either men or women, now Night Defense for women is available.  A discreet package will arrive to your address by mail.  This is a Facebook offer.  

Free Poise Kit (With Zipper Bag)


Free Poise Liner kit that is great for women with bladder leaks.  These ultra-thin protective pads will allow for safe and comfortable living.  The kit includes a regular and long-sized Poise New Microliner, a long liner, an ultra thin pad, and a coupon!

Free AgeLoss Rejuvabolic Anti-Aging Cream Sample


Hit the green “free sample” link and fill in the required information to receive a free AgeLoss Rejuvabolic Anti-Aging cream sample from Nature’s Plus.  

Free Bejeweled Nail Art

bejeweled nail art sample

Fill out the form on Impress Manicure’s page to request a free Bejeweled nail art gift. This one may make your friends jealous.

Free Lip Lacquer Sample

lip lacquer sample

Fill out the form to request a free sample of Free Kiss Lip Lacquer – Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer in Sexy Red.

Free AgeLoss First Day Cream


Request a free AgeLoss First Day Cream Sample. With ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, cucumber and the First Day Proprietary Blend, AgeLoss First Day Cream is the most powerful, natural, soothing cream developed.

L’Oreal Hair Care Treatment Sample


Right now you select one of five samples from the drop down box on the top right, depending on what your hair needs are.  What they offer usually changes each month or so.  

Free “Know Your Terms” Poster (Pregnancy)

know your terms

Request a free Know Your Terms poster by clicking on the “order” button and filling out your mailing information. The poster explains the new term pregnancy definitions and the evidence supporting the change in terminology.