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Still Available: Try the new Extra Clear Breathe Right sample and a coupon for $1 off any Breathe Right product.  Sounds like good savings to me.  I am not a snorer and don’t really have any breathing issues so I have never personally ordered this sample.  I wonder if anyone visiting this site used them, are they effective?  This one should arrive in 1-2 weeks.
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3 Responses to Breathe Right Sample

  1. Rodney Cooper says:

    Just received mine today. Got two with a dollar off coupon. Came within a week

  2. Ralph Benmergui says:

    Rodney Cooper got his sample because he followed directions and clicked on the red “Sign Up Here” link. He did not enter his name and address in the comment section and then wonder why he never got the sample he ordered (but actually did not order, as this site provides links to samples – they do not send them). Typing in the comment section that you would love to try a sample will not make a free sample magically appear on your doorstep.
    So remember….if you want a sample on this site, click on the “Sign Up Here” link. Are you paying attention, Wanda Mays?

  3. Rodney Cooper says:

    Haha that shit is funny. I do find it hilarious when I see so many comments and look, and it’s people putting their name and address In the comment section. Good one Ralph!

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