Free “Dump Trump” Bumper Stickers

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Get a free “Dump Trump” bumper sticker by mail.  We know some will appreciate this sticker, but not everyone. Reserve a free stop trump sticker and let your community know how dissatisfied you are with Donald Trump.

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13 Responses to Free “Dump Trump” Bumper Stickers

  1. Marcela Calderon says:


  2. Kathryn Kroening says:

    Why do you offer negative stickers against trump and positive for all others? Really a stupid choice on your part since trump is obviously the one good candidate for America. How foolish you must feel!

    • Jesse Stratton says:

      I can’t find you “search bar” to search for positive “TRUMP” stickers!

      Please tell me where the search bar is OR please send me a hot link to click on to see the positive TRUMP stickers.

      Thank you!


    • Melissa Madrigal says:

      Dump Trump is Great!!! He’s an idiot! Anyone who’s voted for him and continues to do so is also an idiot!! Why on earth would you want something like it in the White House is beyond me!!??

    • sophia says:

      people have their own opinion. This is America! people can share their own rights!!!

    • Jason Wallace says:

      Trump is a disgusting PIG monster

    • Daisy Ellison says:

      not everyone is going to cater to your needs, this is a free sample website silly lady

    • Roo says:

      Your a moron,Jess you as well are a moron this site is beyond simple to navigate of course I wouldn’t expect any better from trump supporters illiterate morons!!!! This site not a week ago had a sticker to support our evil idiotic president. Stupid ppl

    • Anne Boutin says:

      You are a sick woman if you think Trump should be president. He should be impeached.

    • Debbie Willis says:

      You have got it wrong-how stupid you
      must feel. Trump is a moron and the
      numbers don’t lie. He is the worst president
      this Nation has ever elected. It’s a shame
      our country has a leader that is the laughing
      stock of the world. Thank goodness we have term limits and if we are lucky he will be impeached
      for all his evil and illegal activity!

      Wake up

  3. Paula says:

    Geez Kathryn, this is a free stuff site and bumper stickers are offered for free sometimes. Get over it will ya?


    Trump is not a good candidate for America;
    And all of you are idiots.

  5. Pamela Reynolds says:

    He was a terrible candidate. But he’s an even worse president. No significant legislation passed. Embarrasses U.S. in the world. Liar in Chief. Hypocrite. Wasteful. FIRE HIM!

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