Free 2016 Gardener’s Idea Book

gardener's idea book
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This free 2016 gardener’s idea book should be good for any gardener, especially the new ones.  It is a 36 page guide that includes helpful information about how to treat your garden and what to look for during the different seasons.  It also gives plant profiles and combination recipes.  When you sign up to receive the free guide by mail, you also have the option of subscribing to the Proven Winner’s newsletter. 
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10 Responses to Free 2016 Gardener’s Idea Book

  1. Dee Herdebu says:

    would like a sample

  2. katina smith says:

    thanks I love to garden

  3. Nidia Cintra says:

    I would appreciate the book garden free
    I Appreciate It

  4. Helen says:

    Would like a copy of Free 2015 Gardener’s Idea Book.

  5. Diane crossman says:

    Super excited

  6. JerryC says:

    I’d like the free Gardener’s Idea book but I doubt that we will try to plant a garden again in Southern Nevada. Those bees were all over the fruit in late June, we had to pretty much stay away from that part of the backyard. Anyone have a solution to that problem. I think it was the tomatoes they were after. We love tomatoes.

  7. Growing flowers herbs vines is my passion. I can not wait until march to start planting. I have tulips & daffodils popping up in January INSANE!!!!

  8. paola says:

    very cool stuff

  9. Jerry Sineath says:

    I love free stuff.

  10. Linda Vogelsong says:

    Would like a free gardeners book.

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