Free ‘Get Drunk Not Fat’ Sticker

get drunk not fat sticker
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Fill out the form on their page to request a free ‘Get Drunk Not Fat’ bumper sticker. Available while supplies last.

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4 Responses to Free ‘Get Drunk Not Fat’ Sticker

  1. Luna says:

    I don’t usually get into the “morals” of a deal being offered but be aware that this group has this on their website:

    Look, we all know that drinking heavily is bad for you but since that hasn’t stopped anyone from doing it, at least you can be aware of the ramifications of doing so. (Also, if you’re trying to get your date smashed off that new 55 calorie beer, you better grab a 20 pack.)

    I personally will not be supporting any website that advocates you trying to get your date wasted. People are free to support whatever they want but I thought I’d just highlight it so that others don’t sign up for something that they personally object to.

    And if you don’t object, feel free to get the sticker . . . I’ll just know who to stay away from, lol.

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