Free “Obamacare is a Life Saver” Sticker

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7 Responses to Free “Obamacare is a Life Saver” Sticker

  1. John Marston says:

    Great way to immediately let people know you’re an idiot.

  2. kristie says:


  3. Alisha says:


  4. Leah Gibson says:

    I’m a republican and I’d rather have Obama in office than this loser-idiot Trump.

  5. robert ho says:

    Leah you are also a stupid ass skank.

  6. Leah Gibson says:

    Robert! lol
    Your last name “Ho” fits you very well. Get Trump’s orange dick out of your mouth fuck face. CASE CLOSED

  7. Tamara Martinez says:

    Yea loser idiot Trump!! Nailed that on his orange ugly chauvinistic head!!!

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