Free Sponge Tidal Scrub

tidal scrub
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Still Available:  Sign up now and refer a friend to get a free sponge tidal scrub.  Now sponges don’t have to be the most disgusting thing in the house.  Sign Up Here

6 Responses to Free Sponge Tidal Scrub

  1. Deal Getta says:

    Before anybody else mentions it, you’ll be able to order the free sponges in December once they launch their product. Which is good, because that gives you a little bit of time to collect 10 friends for a year’s supply of free sponges.

  2. Nikki Wolfe says:

    free sponge please

  3. tiffany hutcheson says:

    free sample please

  4. Cindy Harbison says:

    Free sample please

  5. Sheilann says:

    December 10th, still not launched.

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