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Polo Red Cologne

Sign up and receive a free sample of Polo Red Cologne.  My wife and I recently received a his / her fragrance sample in the mail and tried it out that day and liked them. 

Free Boss the Scent Fragrance Sample

Hugo Boss is offering a sample of their new men’s fragrance. Get a Boss the Scent fragrance sample by mail. If interested, please follow the link and fill in the mandatory fields to complete the order. This is only available while supplies last.  The sign up form may not be mobile friendly.  

Nautica Blue Cologne Sample

Fill out their form to request a free Nautica Blue cologne sample by mail. Please make sure to give your correct phone number, they will give you a text to confirm… answer YES.

Made to Measure Fragrance

Get a free sample of Made to Measure fragrance from men by Gucci.  It is a facebook offer but it is on the Gucci page so we trust they will follow through with their offer.  I will be giving this one a try since I am interested in what it smells like. 

Free Proteus Cologne for Men Sample

This green-woodsy scent is layered with bergamot, spices, fig and masculine florals, soothed with a touch of Amaretto.
Comes in a 1.7oz Spray Cologne, or a 2oz Solid Cologne, or a 10ml Roll-on Cologne or a 10oz Candle.

Avon Attraction for Him & Her Samples

Head over to their Facebook page for an Avon Attraction for Him & Her sample by mail. Avon Attraction for Him & Her are magnetic and fiery new fragrances that captivate from day to night.

Free Fierce Confidence Cologne Sample

Abercrombie & Fitch wants you to try their new fragrance. Get a free Fierce Confidence cologne sample by mail. We are not sure what this fragrance will smell like, but the bottle features a shirtless man’s rock hard abs. I wonder how many young men as well as older ones may be discouraged to buy this because of male model on the bottle? Just a thought.

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy Fragrance

Sign up for this free Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy fragrance sample by mail.  Oh no, they changed the offer!  Not only is it not free anymore but they charge $75 a bottle.  We have deactivated this offer. 

Burberry Brit Rhythm Amplifiers

Get two free Burberry Brit Rhythm scent amplifiers. The rubber fragrance amplifiers are scented with Brit Rhythm Intense for Men and Floral for Women and come in two separate envelopes. These samples just may make your day a little different.