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Free “Know Your Terms” Poster (Pregnancy)

know your terms

Request a free Know Your Terms poster by clicking on the “order” button and filling out your mailing information. The poster explains the new term pregnancy definitions and the evidence supporting the change in terminology.

Free Moms’ Mental Health Matters Posters

moms mental health poster

The free 17” x 23” poster is part of the Moms’ Mental Health Matters Initiative from the NICHD National Child and Maternal Health Education Program. Add your quantity, click on the “review order” on the right, and then checkout.

Free Drug Abuse Posters


Request free drug abuse posters from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Select up to 7 free posters, add to cart and checkout. No organization name needed.

Free How to Become President of the United States Poster

president poster

Here is a great one for kids.  Get a free How to Become President of the United States poster by mail from USA dot Gov. This colorful, and informative poster (22x34in) helps kids understand the process of becoming President of the United States. Just add to your cart and checkout.

Free Prince Amukamara or Jordan Larson Poster

college bound nebraska

Request a free Prince Amukamara (a current NFL player) or Jordan Larson (an indoor volleyball player) poster from College Bound Nebraska.  

3 Branches of Government Poster

3 branches of government

This is a great one for kids! Request a free 3 Branches of Government poster by mail. The colorful poster to help kids understand the three different branches of government.

Free Invitation to a Healthy Yard Poster

invitation to a healthy yard poster

Request a free Invitation to a Healthy Yard poster by mail from NRCS Publications. This combination poster/ brochure describes how adopting a few basic principles can turn a yard into a sanctuary by creating habitat to support birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Dinosaur Train Poster for Educators

dinosaur train

Educators, sign up for a free Dinosaur Train poster. The poster highlights the Pteranodon family and offers tips to engage children in nature.

Free Common Drugs of Abuse Poster

free drug abuse poster

If you would like to have this handy free “Common Drugs of Abuse” poster from Alere Toxicology please fill out the form on their page. The use of this chart will help you identify, understand, and monitor commonly abused substances. Turn to Alere™ to perform compliant, accurate, and reliable drug screens customized for your detection and monitoring needs.