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Free Ten Commandments Study Guide

ten commandments

Still Available: Sign up for a free Ten Commandments study guide.  Please click on the red box to request a free copy. Those who take the time to study the commandments find they’re not a list of “Do nots,” but are in fact God’s guide to the good life—a life full of blessings. That’s why the Bible calls them “the royal law” and “the law of liberty.”

Free Bible Basics Book

bible basics

Still Available: Free Bible Basics book.  This study manual is a 385 page piece of literature that outlines the basic doctrines of the Bible and the joy and peace of Christianity. 

Free Ancient Wisdom for Today Book

ancient wisdom

Receive the free book from Eckankar, Ancient Wisdom for Today.  The group offering the book strive to help all come closer to God. 

Free Book – The Dawning

Get a free book – The Dawning tells the story of one man’s life and all the lives he is touching through finding God’s will for his own life. In addition to this book, a free Dayspring International Story DVD and Global Villager magazine subscription is also available.  This is something great to get for all those truly interested. 

Free God’s Bible Pathway for Children and More Books

bible pathway

Receive the free God’s Bible Pathway for Children book and more by mail! This book is a wonderful tool for parents and grandparents to teach their young children about God the Father and Jesus Christ directly from the Bible. Please make sure to ask for “God’s Bible Pathway for Children” in their message box.

Lent 2015: Learning to Let Go

Choose either or both the free Christmas in My Heart booklet and or Lent 2015: Learning to Let Go. Unity offers the following free booklets. Click on each title for a complete description and to request your copy. Their desire is to make Unity literature available to everyone who wants it, especially those most in need of spiritual encouragement.

Free Call to Prayer Bookmark

Add this free Call to Prayer bookmark to your cart and checkout. The free bookmark serves as a guide and daily reminder to pray for personal renewal and also for our churches, our country’s leaders, and the challenges that face our nation.

Free The Gospel in the Passover Booklet

Fill out the form on their page to request a free The Gospel in the Passover booklet. Each year, Christians honor Holy Week and Jesus’ death and resurrection, while Jewish people remember the Exodus out of Egypt. “The Gospel in the Passover” is written for those who want to explore the traditions of the Passover and deepen their understanding of the links between Passover, the Last Supper, and Communion.

You Can Trust the Bible

Get a free “You Can Trust the Bible” booklet from Grace to You.  One of these is available per household and they can only be sent out in the United States, Canada, and European countries.