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Free Platinum Labs Supplements

Simply fill the form on their page and choose one of two free Platinum Labs Supplements. Sign up for either DEFCON1 2ND STRIKE Pre-workout or OPTIBURN AMPED Fat Burner and they’ll ship them to you at no cost.

Ocean Blue Omega3 2100 Samples

Ready to try the Omega∙3 with one of the highest combinations of EPA & DHA of any product sold with or without a prescription? Use the link below to sign up for free samples.

Yae! Organics Wheat Grass Powder Sample

Fill out the form on their page to receive a free sample of Yae! Organics Wheat Grass Powder. This is something you can mix into drinks to make them tastier and healthier. Their page is loading slow so please have patience.

Free Align Supplement Sample

Available Again: Get a free Align supplement sample that should last 14 days.  Align probiotics are a daily dietary supplements that assist your digestive system. 

Vantrition Supplement Samples

Select up to three different Vantrition supplement samples. These supplements may be great for those how lift and also want to trim fat.

Free Universal Supplement Samples

Get free Universal Supplement samples.  By signing up you will be able to choose either their Real Gains or Shock Therapy product.  Everybody wants to gain 30 pounds of muscle, right? 

Free Monsters in Training Supplement Samples and a T-Shirt

Go to their page, click on the “Free Stuff” link and fill out their form to request free Monsters in Training supplement samples and a free t-shirt.

Procera Mood Sample

Support emotional stability and calmness with this free Procera Mood sample. Procera Mood’s all natural ingredients have been shown to elevate mood and support cognitive function with Adaptogens, Zembrin, and B Vitamins.

Free Flex-D3 Supplement

Fill out their form to request a free Flex-D3 supplement sample.  Available while supplies last.