Unifine Pentips Plus Sample (Diabetes)

pentips plus
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Get a free Unifine Pentips Plus sample, which to me appears to be a safety device for needles. Anyone know more about these? Please comment below. This product combines the superior performance of Unifine Pentips, with the world’s first built-in remover for safer, personal use.

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One Response to Unifine Pentips Plus Sample (Diabetes)

  1. CeCe says:

    This is a needle for injection pens. The website shows this needle fits most diabetic injection pens. For those who may not know, an injection pen has prefilled medication and may or may not need to be refrigerated. Can contain insulin or non insulin medication but each injection requires a new needle. These needles are different than the needles used with insulin in a bottle. I have diabetes and take a tablet medication and also an injection medication. I take 1 injection of Victoza (non insulin) per day. With the dosage I use, I use three pen injectors a month. CeCe

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