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free samples by mail

Complimentary Crap constantly strives to find the best free samples by mail 2017, free stuff, freebies and coupons and has been doing so since 2007. We have made it convenient for freebie finders by posting all the real samples 2017 in one place, we try to bring you all the good ones. All the deals we list on our site are totally free of charge without any catches. Begin signing up for deals and soon you will be receiving free samples in the mail almost every day. Never miss a posted freebie, sign up for our free stuff newsletter located on the top right of this page to get the daily email. is your place for free samples without a catch! The group here is very dedicated to finding your hundreds and hundreds of offers that will fill up your mailbox. Tons of companies are willing to give out free stuff in order to get their products into your hands. A little test drive. But really, who has the time to locate all these great deals? We do. Don’t worry about the offers we post taking up all of your time, we try to post the freebies with simple signup forms.

No Surveys, No Catch

Yes it is actually, a whole lot of free. Complimentary Crap may be the only freebies site you need to visit in order to find all the legitimate free samples 2017. We mostly avoid posting free sample samples offered by middle men because if a company really wanted to out a sample they’d do it themselves. We truly want the offers we post on our site to be a success, when the link is from the exact company that is offering the freebie, the free sample is more likely to arrive in your home mailbox. While we do parse through hundreds of free offers we do find quite a bit that are legitimate free samples by mail that we are eager to post.

What Kind of Freebies Can I Get?

Where do I start with that question?  All sorts of companies and organization give away free stuff for a variety of reasons.  Largely, freebies are given for three reasons; advertising, brand awareness, and for a cause.  Advertising and brand awareness go hand in hand as advertizing will lead to brand awareness.  When new products hit the shelves, either theirs or a competitors, or when established products need some attention free samples are offered.  When when know about these we post them right away.  Some free things given out because a non-profit or another entity wants to spread to word regarding something they truly care about.  It all amounts to free samples available for our visitors daily!

Latest Free Stuff
Get started here if you don’t know exactly what free samples by mail you’d like. The very latest freebies are posted here each day, hurry, sometimes they go fast.
Free Stickers – Stick em here, there and everywhere, free sticker! Included here are free bumper stickers and even stickers that seem to have no meaning at all.
Food Sampling
Food companies are always offering giveaways of their products trying to promote them as a new item or boost sales. Our up dated daily offers give you the chance to snag treats from: nuts, honey, candy, snacks, cereal and even coupons for the food that you love. The best part is that every sample you sign up for is sent to you by mail.
Free Baby Stuff
Samples of diapers, sippy cups, baby formula, pacifiers, and more supplies just for your little angel. Everything that you sign up for free samples by mail.
Free Books / Guides / Magazines
Children’s magazines, hobby, home improvement, fashion, cars, sports, and gossip magazines can all be found here. Free 1 and 2 year subscriptions to various magazines. Also religious books and articles.
Free Home Stuff
Here we offer free things including garden supplies, laundry detergent, cleaners, and more. Everything is updated daily so don’t miss out on a single offer.
Health Freebies
Lotions, vitamins, feminine products, condoms, and guides on health are all things you think of when health products are mentioned. We have free offers of all of these and more in this handy little category.
Free Pet Stuff
Here we offer free things including garden supplies, laundry detergent, cleaners, and more. Everything is updated daily so don’t miss out on a single offer.
Find coupons here that will allow you to save nice money on future purchases. Why pay full price when you don’t have to. Some consumers have taken savings to a whole new level with couponing.
Women Freebies
Feminine and things of interest to females including at times Mary Kay, Maybelline, Dove, Pantene and more free offers sent by mail to your home. They offer anything from lipstick, shampoo, eye liner, foundation, lip gloss and more.