Free Dead Punk Sticker Pack

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Wait for the page to load and a pop-up should appear.  Fill out your information to request a free Dead Punk sticker pack by mail.  

MakeUp Eraser Sample

makeup eraser
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Head to their page and click checkout for a free Makeup Eraser sample.  You need a coupon code to avoid shipping.Coupon codes that may work are Water, Original or Freeship1 – or wait for the email pop up asking for it before you check out.

Free Duralast Hat (Company)

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If you own a company or work in an office of a company order a free Duralast hat.  Available while supplies last.  

Free Harley Davidson X-Games Sticker

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Fill out the form on their page to request a free Harley Davidson X-Games sticker by mail.

Free Colorado Ski Skull Sticker

colorado ski skull sticker
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Fill out the form on their page to request a free Colorado Ski Skull sticker by mail.  

Free B-Line Natural Energy Packets

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Try B-LINE for free, add to your cart and checkout. They will send you a 5 ml sample packet of each flavor. Includes free shipping. They will limit the request to (1) sample packet of each flavor per customer

Red: Pomegranate, Banana, Maple, Honey, Coconut

Blue: Honey, Molasses, Maple, Raspberry, Chia Seeds

Free Sephora Clay Mask

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Rquest a free Sephora clay mask by mail. Follow the Sephora Collection on Instagram and fill out the form on Obviously Samples page to make your request.

Free Tameology Shampoo and Conditioner Sample

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Still Available: You need Facebook for this one.  Comment on their Facebook post that you’d like a sample, then, you should receive a private message allowing you to make your request.  

Free Stuff from PETA

free stuff from peta
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PETA is an animal rights organization with over 3 million members and supporters worldwide. To help spread their message those interested can often receive free stuff from PETA. If you care strongly about the treatment of animals take a look at the list of what is currently being offered by PETA free of charge.