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Free Holy Bible

game plan for life

Still Available: Sign up for a free Holy Bible from Game Plan for Life.  Make sure to select the New Testament Bible option or one of the other two free books.  

Free Aqua Science Well Water Test Kit

aqua science

Fill out the form on their page to request a free Aqua Science well water test kit. Aqua Science has a team of dedicated staff available to guide you through your water enhancement process for the do it yourselfer.

Free Signature Care Diaper Sample

Fill out the form on Prevail’s website to request free Signature Care diaper samples.  

Free Thera-melt, Tranquility and Vitality CBD Samples

Fill out the form on Care Beyond’s page to request free Thera-melt, Tranquility and Vitality CBD samples.

Free “I’m a Geoscientist” Pin

Fill out the form on AGS’s page to request a free “I’m a Geoscientist” pin by mail.  

Free Skwishy

The Skwishy Skware is a miniature sample of Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™—the super-sciencey technology that makes the Purple Mattress ridiculously comfy. Plus, it makes a great stress reliever for when those Sunday Scaries hit.

Angel’s Touch Pain Relief Cream Sample

Still Available: Fill out the form on their page to request an Angel’s Touch pain relief cream sample by mail. Penetrates deep into your skin to relieve aching joints and muscles. With a superior formula consisting of anti-inflammatory properties.

PinchMe Freebies – L’Oreal Pure-Clay Charcoal Mask

pinchme freebies

PinchMe offers freebies occasionally.  Right now in your account (you must create one if you don’t already have) a free L’Oreal Pure-Clay Charcoal Mask might be available to you.  

Trybe Freebies – Foldable Toothbrush

trybe freebies

Log in or register and click the “Try” button to see if you qualify for Trybe freebies.  Available now are free foldable toothbrushes.