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Free Spiru-Tein Samples – Blueberries and Cream | Black Berry Chocolate

blue berries sample

Receive a free Spiru-Tein mix sample by mail. Spiru-Tein shifts the meal replacement world away from sugars with natural xylitol to benefit low-glycemic dieters – and still offer tantalizingly delicious flavors.

Winn Dixie Baby Club Gifts and Savings

winn dixie

As a Baby Club member, you’ll receive valuable discounts, coupons, and gifts. Baby Club members enrolled in the Prescription Drug Plan are eligible for free select antibiotics and generic prescription children’s vitamins.

Free Nature’s Plus E FEM Capsules

e fem capsule samples

Click on the green “free sample” tab and then fill in the required fields to request free Nature’s Plus E FEM capsules. “Women’s health relies on nature’s exquisite balance, a carefully choreographed dance of hormones and tissues, generating strength, endurance, stamina, vitality, energy and healthy mood, as well as healthy sexual function, weight control and more.”

Dove, Degree, and Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant Samples

dove degree sample

Watch the short video and then sign up for a free Dove or Degree, dry spray antiperspirant sample by mail.  These are good while supplies last so please hurry if you are interested! 

Free Swisher Sweets T-Shirt

swisher sweets t shirt

Take this quiz at the very bottom left corner of their pageto see what your Swisher Intelligence score is. Score 100 and get a T-shirt. Hint, these are the answers at the time of this post …

1. Named after a king of England, what was Swisher’s most popular cigars in the 40s? C
2. Swisher Sweets cigars were launched in what year? A
3. What is the full Swisher Sweets Classic Blends line-up? A
4. What was the first Limited Edition Blend launched in 2013? C

Free California Travel Guide


Scroll to the bottom for form.  If you are interested in going to the Golden State sometime, maybe this summer, sign up for a free California travel guide from Visit California.  California has it all, diverse cities, the ocean, mountains, forests. 

Free Wool Sample Swatch

wool swatch

Naturally odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and 6x more durable than cotton. Sign up for a free wool sample swatch.

Free Equality Sticker

equality sticker

Get a free equality sticker from the Human Rights Campaign.  They have you do a short painless quiz and then you access the freebie form. 

Free 2017 Poetry Poster

national poetry month poster

Get a free poetry poster to get ready for 2017’s National Poetry Month.  Order this year’s National Poetry Month poster, designed by award-winning author and illustrator Maira Kalman, while supplies last.