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Free Bottle of the New Nestea

Click on the ‘Claim You Bottle’ link to sign up for a coupon to be mailed to  you for a free bottle of the new Nestea.  

Free Herbed Sea Salt

herbed sea salt

Register or login into your Social Nature account and click on the “Want It” button to make a request for a free bottle of Herbed Sea Salt.  

Free ‘Get Drunk Not Fat’ Sticker

get drunk not fat sticker

Fill out the form on their page to request a free ‘Get Drunk Not Fat’ bumper sticker. Available while supplies last.

Free Active Iron 10 Pack (UK and Republic of Ireland residents only)

active iron

Find out for yourself just how tolerable and gentle Active Iron is on your stomach. Please take the time to fill out the form on their page and then they will send you your free trial 10 pack from Active Iron.

Free Copy of “Jesus’ Blueprint for Prayer”

jesus blueprint

Discovery Series is offering a free copy of the booklet, “Jesus’ Blueprint for Prayer”. Discover how you can develop and maintain a meaningful prayer life with Haddon Robinson’s practical and insightful study of “The Lord’s Prayer”.

Free Farmer Kit

free farmer kit

Sign up for a free Farmer Kit that includes a poster, guide and more. “As a farmer, you face an uphill battle against herbicide-resistant weeds, but with our Take Action kit, you will have our helpful materials always at your disposal. Submit your request using the link below and they’ll send you a Take Action folder.”

Free Mijello Watercolor Paint Samples


Experience the brilliance of Mijello watercolors! Receive a free 2 color sample pack! Samples are available at no charge with free shipping to the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada only.

Free Back Country Goat Sticker

back country sticker

Fill out the form to request a free Back Country goat sticker. Keep spreading the Goat stoke in new places and they’ll keep sending stickers your way.

Free Tentmaker Handbook

cool tents

Order the free 2015 tentmaker handbook by mail from Hilleberg. Hilleberg has been making the high quality backpacking and mountaineering tents for a long time. This is an interesting freebie for those who really enjoy the outdoors.