Free Annie’s Homegrown Stickers

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Get free Annie’s Homegrown stickers. The are giving free stickers to spread the word about the organic foods movement and inspire others to think and learn about a better, more sustainable way of life. Fill out the form on their page to indicate your interest in a sticker of your choice.

Free Wood Chips

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Get free wood chips and logs from Chip Drop.  Arborists make wood chips and logs available to gardeners for free, including delivery.  Register or login in and then click on “How it Works” to see how the program can supply your selected address.  

Depends Samples (New Link)

depends samples
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Get Depends samples for either men or women, now Night Defense for women is available.  A discreet package will arrive to your address by mail.  This is a Facebook offer.  

Truss Haircare Sample Request

truss professional
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Still Available:  Sign up for a Truss haircare sample. After you complete the form you should be emailed an activation code. Click the link contained in the email and enter the code to complete the request.

Free Arm & Hammer Slide Cat Litter (Mail in Rebate)

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Select either the 14lb (up to $10.99) or 19lb box (up to $14.99) of Arm & Hammer Slide cat litter.  The mail in rebate is good through 1/31/18.  

Free 2018 Calendars by Mail

free 2017 calendars by mail
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Wow, 2018 is coming fast and we’ve already had a free calendar being offered – more to come. Look below to see which free 2018 calendars by mail are still available. Do request any of the calendars listed below please click on the link for that specific calendar, then fill out the information on the page that the link takes you to. Remember us for next year as well, we compile this list every year. Best of luck.

Free Nateeva Fragrance Samples

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Create an account with Nateeva,  making sure that the “I would like to receive free samples of other Nateeva fragrances” is clicked. Click place order.

Black & Mild Freebies (Cigar Tube)

black mild
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Register or login to claim and click on the box that mentions the cigar tube, “Submit Your Wit”  and claim a free cigar tube. This offer should be available until 12/31/2017.  

Free Packet of Gardening Stickers

apply responsibly
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Take a quiz and then fill out your mailing information to request a free packet of gardening stickers from Apply Responsibly.