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Complimentary Crap has been listing links to free samples since 2007. Our goal is to be the number one trusted source as you pursue free stuff on the internet! Our list of free samples and sometimes coupons is updated daily, which is why many members like to share Complimentary Crap with their friends.

How is Complimentary Crap able to provide free stuff? Well, when companies want to promote their products they are willing to offer it for free in order to gain exposure and create future purchasers of the product. Our web site is simply a place you can go to in order to find all these fresh offers. Having all the offers on one web site, Complimentary Crap, will save you not only money, but time. We have gotten pretty good at spotting spam-filled offers and “fake” offers so when you sign up for an offer posted on our web site we think there is a pretty good chance you will get in in the mail.

In order to keep your primary email account workable, we strongly suggest creating an email account that you can use just free your free sample searching. Many times, when you submit your email address to these companies offering free stuff, they want to remain in touch with you, hence, sending you emails periodically.

In order to keep the dream of getting free stuff in the mail alive, please only register for free stuff that you are truly interested. The companies offering the free stuff do spend money on not only the product, but also the postage. If they find that sending free stuff in the mail is a burden, they may cease to offer free samples in the future.

After you sign up for a free sample, you must be patient. Sometimes the offer can be mailed immediately and sometimes it might take three months. Please do not get discouraged if you have been waiting too long.

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