Free 2018 Calendars by Mail

free 2017 calendars by mail
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Wow, 2018 is coming fast and we’ve already had a free calendar being offered – more to come. Look below to see which free 2018 calendars by mail are still available. Do request any of the calendars listed below please click on the link for that specific calendar, then fill out the information on the page that the link takes you to. Remember us for next year as well, we compile this list every year. Best of luck.

2018 South Carolina Calendar – Sign up for a free 2018 South Carolina African American history calendar.

Arkansas Wall Calendar – Order a free 2018 Arkansas wall calendar.  Available while supplies last.


Read With Me Calendar – Make 2017 the year of talking and reading. Boost your child’s language and literacy skills all year long with our 2016 “Read with Me, Talk with Me” calendar!

2017 Mercedes Medical Calendar – If you are a customer of theirs you can grab a free 2017 Mercedes Medical Calendar! Select the Toxicology or Histology calendar.

A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Calendar – Order a free 2016-17 A.E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Keepsake Calendar! Please fill in and submit the form to claim yours.

Roadsides in Bloom – Sign up for the free 2017 Roadsides in Bloom calendar. This one seems to be offered yearly.

American Lung Association Calendar – Sign up for a free 2017 calendar by mail from the American Lung Association.

Didn’t find what you wanted? See all current free samples for the home HERE

AARP Vote and receive a free 2017 AARP Foundation Calendar by mail. You must vote before midnight on June 29th (today) to receive your free calendar. Calendars will ship in September.

Cornell Lab Bird Calendar – Get this beautiful 2017 Cornell Lab Bird calendar by filling out their short form. Complete the form to receive your complimentary A Year With Birds calendar from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Complete with majestic images.

Mission Network 2017 Calendar – It’s never too early to plan for 2016. Mission Network News and Family Christian Stores would like to encourage you to get a free wall calendar not only to help you plan, but to give you daily encouragement.

13 Responses to Free 2018 Calendars by Mail

  1. Brandon Evers says:

    To admin i am still waiting for my 2016 calander

  2. Jodi says:

    Thank You! Cool Website! I like Complimentary Crap!

  3. otillia says:

    New to this sight, but finding great giveaways. Thanks. Please send me free calenders. Thanks

  4. Amy K says:

    They will ask for money because churches are non-profit. Any non-profit organization appreciates any donation because that is how they stay in business. Pastors get paid from the church members and attendees via the offering plate, because that is the only way they get paid. So yes, they will ask you for money.

  5. Sandra Searcy says:

    looking for free 2018 calendar.

  6. Andrea says:

    Do you know what it says in the bible about tithing? Obviously, you don’t!

  7. dana says:

    I really need a calendar so I can stop llosing days

  8. tazmo8448 says:

    The last few yrs I tried to get calendars and it was a hassle…then I found they were $1.99 at the local drug store…when they’re there or grocery too. Use to get ’em from the local book stores til they thought too much of ’em.

  9. naej says:

    I have a calendar from Random Lengths Forrest coming.

  10. FG says:

    LOL. It always happens! These places make people “pay” to get to heaven.

    • brittney hutchison says:

      you obviously have never been to church or read the bible for that matter.. you dont have to pay to go to heaven you have to believe in god and repent for your sins. you tithe to church because its our duty to keep the lords house up and running so people can be saved from the fiery pits of hell..i’m not trying to preach or anything just letting you know the facts you clearly lack… have a good day and god bless…

  11. Jen says:

    You have to Click each link to get free calendars. Fill out the form on each site. You can’t just type send me a calendar here in the comments. I got several last year. Yes, if u sign up for the religious calendars they will bombard you with junk mail begging for money, but you are under no obligation to give anything.

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