Best Black Friday Deals 2015

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A lot of us love to look for great bargains on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year!  My favorite among the best Black Friday deals 2014 I have seen so far are the Seiki 4k TVs that will be offered at Sears stores.  The ultra high definition televisions have four times the pixels as regular high def, hence, four times the clarity.  Since Seiki was given such a high praise from Popular Mechanics Magazine, I will try my best to get one.  $849.99 for a Seiki 55 inch ultra high def compared to $3499.00 for Sony’s, I really want this deal!  4K will be the future of television and I haven’t had a new TV for 8 years.

Are there any Black Friday deals your are excited about?  Please feel free to share without any links please.  I will be adding more to this list on the comments.  Happy Holidays!

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