Free 1 Year Subscription to Playboy Magazine

free playboy magazine
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This is a Mercury Magazines offer. Sign up for at least 1 free issue of Playboy magazine, other magazines coming may or may not be digital. If you yourself will not appreciate the magazines, possibly there is someone you know who will love them.

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9 Responses to Free 1 Year Subscription to Playboy Magazine

  1. Stephen Watson says:

    It’s a single issue and I believe it’s digital.

  2. Geri Ferry says:


  3. Geri Ferry says:

    You are all deviant perverts who will feel the fires of hell! Repent now, while you still can.

  4. Lisa Leffew says:

    Wow the nerve of some people. Yes there are many sinners out there and that’s what they choose. Shouldn’t be judging others, you better hope ur hands are clean. Besides who are you to call people sinners, we shouldn’t judge ONLY GOD CAN! Have a great day all.

  5. slick1048 says:

    to Geri Ferry,

    what are talking about “sinners”. if you think Playboy is so bad: what are you doing on this page? you must be ashamed of your body.

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