Free Adult Swim Gift

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As you are filling out the form to request a free Adult Swim gift many “funny” popups will appear. These are intentional. If you can deal with these seemingly harmless joke popups you can make the request. I am not sure what the free gift will be yet.

Unfortunately this offer has ended, please see more freebies posted here

3 Responses to Free Adult Swim Gift

  1. Jaycee Blaskowski says:

    Everytime I click on the submit button it keeps saying Oops a technical error occurred please submit again and then I do but it keeps saying the same thing. I know that it’s not an issue on my side because the other sites I went on here worked normally.

  2. Hiser Whelperman says:

    If you manage to fill in your name and email address (you have to stop and close the “joke” popups every 2-4 keystrokes)your freebie is a YouTube video promoting their TV program.

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