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Our website is all about finding free crap in the internet. While we know the name of our website sounds rather distasteful, the savings you can find here smells great. Since 2007 our website has be posting free samples by mail and in doing so, we have amassed a great enthusiastic following. If you love free crap, they you should love our site.

We often get the question, where do you get all this free crap from? The answer to this question is simple, we don’t. We don’t have any of these free things, we just post the links. For example, if we see a company offering something for free on a television ad instructing viewers to go to their website, we will post the offer for our site’s visitors right away. Sometimes we get alerted about free crap when the companies themselves ask us to list their product. Another way we find free crap is when we receive an email from one of our loyal visitors of the site.

Most of the stuff you sign up for on here will come. We sign up for most of the offers ourselves. Will all this free crap come if you sign up for it? No, but most will. We have been doing this for several years so we have a good idea which offers will arrive to your mailbox. Sometimes, however, we get fooled by crappy companies that only want the publicity from freebie sites like ours. These are few and far between and we remove those posts as soon as we become aware.

Is it safe to sign up for free crap? The answer is yes. On our site, we never save any of your information unless you choose to sign up for our mailing list. When you choose to sign up for that, we only have your name and email address. Harmless right? What you should know, however, when you click on a link for a free offer from our site you will be accessing another website that is not ours. We believe these are totally harmless, but, you may want to read the third party’s disclaimer if you are worried about it.

We love posting free crap for our visitors and spreading savings. Please enjoy Complimentary Crap!

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