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Free Credit Report

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A few times a year we get emails asking if there is any legitimate way to get a free credit report. And when we say free, we mean free. With a little digging we found a website that won’t charge you anything for the report. I went through the process myself to make sure there was no hidden charge, it’s the first time I found a site like this so I thought I would share. (link below) While it did give me my credit report you will not get a credit score. Please continue reading below if you are interested.

A federal law (FACT ACT – 2003) dictates that each of us have the opportunity to get one free credit report from each Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion one time every twelve months. It is a good idea to view all three of the free credit reports to ensure there are no inconsistencies and all your information also current.

So How Do I Get My Free Credit Report?

  1. This is how I checked mine, pretty simple, but again, while I did get the report I couldn’t find my credit score.
  2. or you can call 1877 FACTACT

As mentioned earlier, the credit report you can get for free doesn’t include your credit score. You will have the option to purchase the credit score when you are viewing your credit report.

How often can I get a free credit file disclosure?

The FACT Act entitles consumers to get one free statutory credit file disclosure from each of the three national credit reporting companies every twelve months.

So what is a credit report anyway?

A credit report includes information regarding your personal finances and information about your identity. The credit agencies accumulate and organize data regarding your financial behavior from dealings with past and present creditors. They also make that information available to potential creditors with your written permission. Knowing what is on your credit report will not only protect you from ongoing fraud, but it will also let you know where you stand.

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