Free Lyme Warrior Wristband

lyme warrior
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Still Available: In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, they are giving away Lyme Warrior wristbands to take a bite out of lyme. Stand with those with Lyme Disease who face daily challenges to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

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2 Responses to Free Lyme Warrior Wristband

  1. Elizabeta Manna says:

    Breaks my heart . I know someone that was effected by Lyme Disease and it is not a pretty sight . No one seems to understand what this does to you and sometimes they do not even run the tests they should just in case you might have it . This poor person had to wait until one doctor thought of it !

  2. Tanya Yeazle says:

    I’ve been living with Lymes Disease for 3 years along with a number of major health probles that having Lymes Disease had made worse.

    I would love the wrist band.

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