Free Pray for Israel 2015 Magnet

pray for israel
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Sign up for this free Pray for Israel 2015 magnet from the Fellowship of Christians and Jews as a reminder that your request was presented before God in Israel, and as an encouragement to “pray continuously” and “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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2 Responses to Free Pray for Israel 2015 Magnet

  1. Dmitry says:

    I would like to get it

  2. JerryC says:

    I am so tired of Israel already. Their leader now is nuts, without the USA they’d be nothing but because of politics he has to throw our leader under the bus. Whatever happens happens, I don’t care about Israel. No Israel pin for me. This is a big change from my feelings I had for Israel just three years ago. We protect them, and the leaders over there are punks.

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