Free Princess Activity Kit

princess activity kit
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Feel free to print out this free Princess activity kit for children.  This is a PDF form and is provided by Target. Among the activities included are connect the dots, puzzles, coloring pages, and much more. It is pretty nice if you have a little princess living in the house. 
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6 Responses to Free Princess Activity Kit

  1. kristie weaver says:

    I want one for my daughter …

  2. admin says:

    Hey Shenna, there is a link that says “Free Princess Activity Kit”, you click it and then print out the kit. Most of the offers here come in the mail, but this one you print out at home.

  3. patricia says:

    this is a download-i dont want a download, i want the book sent to me

  4. Linda says:

    i want a book sent to me to what if we don’t have a printer on some these good booklets for children everyone can afford a to have a printer

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