Free Sample of Loreal Pure-Sugar Grapeseed Scrub

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Still Available: Get a free sample of Loreal Pure-Sugar Grapeseed Scrub. Available while supplies last.  Sign Up Here

16 Responses to Free Sample of Loreal Pure-Sugar Grapeseed Scrub

  1. Shelly Etheredge says:

    Tried this yesterday don’t think it went through I would like a sample sent to
    9000 Vantage Point Dr
    Apt 1131
    Dallas TX 75243

  2. Dante Hicks says:

    It won’t go through today, either. Unless you click on Sign Up Here to take you to the L’Oreal site.
    Also, don’t leave your home address in the comment section

  3. MISTY says:

    Mine worked!!

  4. Kimberli says:

    Mine worked

  5. Sheila Rabant says:

    Says I already requested this, never received.

  6. Mickey Payne says:

    Problems with website on a laptop, will try my tablet later

  7. Cassandra Rivers says:

    Never received it. Been over 3mo.

  8. Kimberli says:

    Said mine was sent out, but I never received it.

  9. Daren says:

    Do not leave your address and information on the comments. the company providing the samples will not see it and will not send it sign up on the request page.

  10. BarbeeOH says:

    Didn’t work.

  11. Sheilann128 says:

    I got it and love it! I’m usually not a fan of L’oreal but this is nice.

  12. Joanne King says:

    How do you let them know your address where to send?

  13. Joanne King says:

    Please could I try this? Thanks

  14. Joanne King says:

    Sorry pressed “n” instead of “m” on my email!

  15. Bj says:

    My sample is on the way.

  16. Wendy says:

    They said my sample is on the way

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