Free Soft N’ Free Hair Care Kit

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Request a free Soft N’ Free hair care kit.  At the time of this post  the “relaxed you” is the only kit available.  Add to cart and check out.  

Unfortunately this offer has ended, please see other women freebies here

4 Responses to Free Soft N’ Free Hair Care Kit

  1. khushi says:

    This is fake.. cart show empty after adding item

  2. Hallie Adams says:

    There is a phone number. I have had great luck calling even when they say item not available. Be super nice. Thank them. I can be sickening sweet when I want something and they want to help a nice person when most calls are complaints.

  3. Shays says:

    I had no issues ordering this sample online. Just make sure you pick the relaxed sample, add to bag, and then checkout like you would on any online shopping website. Free shipping, so no cost at all.

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