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free stuff from peta
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PETA is an animal rights organization with over 3 million members and supporters worldwide. To help spread their message those interested can often receive free stuff from PETA. If you care strongly about the treatment of animals take a look at the list of what is currently being offered by PETA free of charge.

List of Currently Available Free Stuff from PETA

Get free PETA stickers. Print out their activity sheets for kids, when you’ve finished coloring your free activity sheet, ask your parents to snap a picture of it. Then ask them to send the picture,* along with your mailing address, to so that you can get free stickers! Offer page.

Kids, receive your free Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals magazine. Heads up: They can send their free magazine only to addresses in the U.S. and Canada. Link

Take PETA’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide along with you next time you head to the store! Our handy guide will help you find humane products at a glance. Link

E-mail your full name and mailing address to to have a copy of their fun activity book sent to your home!

Copy and paste this link into a new web browser for a free sheet of stickers to Speak Up for Animals in Captivity.

If you are a teacher or a member of school staff and would like to bring awareness to this cause sign up for a free “Change for Chained Dogs” action pack by mail. These packs are made specifically for teachers to use in a classroom setting. Link

Learn how you can help fish with these free Save a Fish stickers. The stickers are offered by PETA Kids. Copy and paste the link to access the freebie form.

2 Responses to Free Stuff from PETA

  1. Stephanie Ortiz says:

    Hi….I live with my son and we love animals. We both are interested to be vegans i already started to plant veggies but i need the shopping list. I would love to get a few stickers from your I’m hating it campaign because honestly i used to go every morning to get coffee and a hash brown and all my friends are still going i know i can change their mind so i need some to put it on their cars and the door of the Macdonald’s i promise ill take pics of the door and sended to you. Sorry to ask but can you send me kids stickers to for my son it would be cheaper for you to send us all the stickers you can oh send me info about the fast food campaign please. Oh if you have any about rats we will appreciate it ok. Oh we talk Spanish too….God Bless you all!!!

  2. Shy says:

    i am 15 years old i feel mcCruelity is horrible i would love to pass the word. i have already passed out the flyers you have given me. thank you so much. lets stop animal cruelity!!!!

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