Free Vermont Soapstone Sample (Kitchen)

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Here’s a great step on the road to discovering the wonders of soapstone for yourself. See and feel the Vermont Soapstone difference by requesting a sample. Please complete and submit the form on their page.

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4 Responses to Free Vermont Soapstone Sample (Kitchen)

  1. Jessica Carbaugh says:

    I would love to test these out. I am always looking for soapstones. I am super excited to try this product.

  2. Stephen Tarantino says:

    So cool! I would love to try it!

  3. Laura Tabor says:

    Wow. Would love to try this. Looks amazing

  4. trisha rost says:

    what is a soapstone anyway,,but ill try it out if theres instructions on how to use it when i get it.

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