Why We Hate Facebook Freebies – Updated

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Hate is a strong word, I would say I strongly don’t want to post them as freebies of the day.  First of all, not all of our visitors have a Facebook account, so we don’t want to exclude anyone.  Secondly, sometimes the provider of the freebie doesn’t want to send out a sample, they just want the Facebook “like”.  Come on now, we can see through that!  Not all days are good freebie days and we may post a Facebook offer if we are really desperate, but if we do, we will make our best judgement before posting.

Possibly the number one reason I hate posting Facebook freebies is once you click like on a product on Facebook, the page you “liked” can then use your photo to help advertise their product(s) in the future.  Almost like you are endorsing their product.  So be careful as to what you “like”.

Under a year ago, my uncle who was relatively new to cyberspace clicked on a picture of an old high school classmate from the Class of 68.  He wasn’t savvy enough to know that the photo of an old friend was an advertisement for a dating site.  Almost immediately, my uncle’s profile was being shown on his “friends” wall to be associated with the dating site.  Needless to say, his wife had questions.

An alternative – It is my opinion that currently Google Plus is a safer network.  They have many other ways to make money so they don’t seem too hard-pressed to use you as a promoter of different products. Their methods are far different and more traditional when compared to Facebook’s.  My favorite feature on Google’s social network is the “circles” feature.  You can put your “friends” into different circles and when you want to share something, you can choose to share only with a certain group of friends.  For example, if you had a “circle” with only your family, you could choose your post to only show up visible to your family members.

Any thoughts?

Thank You.

12 Responses to Why We Hate Facebook Freebies – Updated

  1. Tim Phlug says:

    Right on, I hate them too. This is the only freebie site that I get most of the stuff I sign up for. I love free crap! I like your guys new design by the way. Keep em’ coming.

  2. Anne P says:

    my thoughts? you are correct! when i use my facebook account i feel like i am walking on eggshells. i am not brave enough to kill my account though, i have too many friends on there.

  3. Tina Miro says:

    I use Google + and have loved it from day one. Enough of my friends use it now. It’s slowly growing. Keep up the good work with the freebies Crappers!

  4. Russ B says:

    I agree. I can`t tell you how many times it will say click the like button and we will sign you up for a free sample of our products. I click the like and there is nothing, soooo then i click the dis like because they think they pulled a fast one, yeah right not so. We aren`t that stupid Mr manufactures to fall for that one.

  5. Amy says:

    AGREED. DITTO. – to you and all the commenters here.

  6. donna mccullough says:

    just don’t use facebook and don’t think you should have to use it to get a sample.

  7. Artc says:

    just free samples;no more-no less
    should not use Facebook 4 freebies.
    Give me the Complimentry Crap!!!

  8. Suri says:

    I love Facebook- for keeping up with old friends, seeing pictures of my nephew, showing off my photography hobby…
    But I am totally in agreement about using it for samples! But sometimes I want a sample that’s on there (Lots of coffee samples!).

    What I did was start a secondary account. No picture, no friends, and I still have it set that almost no posts actually show up for people to see (set the view of the post as Custom –> Only Me, I have it as default). Be warned, they won’t let you use initials with periods, but I used mine like a word lol. They also they require a last name, I used my mom’s maiden name. Even if I show up on someone’s “who do you know” thing, there is no picture and few posts (they are hidden). I’m sure you could invent a last name. Dishonest, yes. But it at least lessens the privacy issues. And it doesn’t really matter if I get fooled every so often- and if it happens to be accompany I actually want to endorse I do it on my real account.

    This avoids a lot of issues, and eliminates the uncomfortable situation of “liking” a condom company and having it show up as news to your parents and relatives- no matter how old you get, that’s just awkward!

    • admin says:

      That would be awkward indeed! Good plan on creating a separate Facebook account and thank you for the contribution.

  9. JC Maxwell says:

    I use my cats Facebook account that I set up specifically for junk. She has 3 friends, my other cat, my rabbit and me. That way I’m not feeling used. She has an email of her own too. She ‘receives’ freebies in the mail and since she has no thumbs I open her mail (I also check her email account). I do sometimes purchase items I’ve tried free- sometimes not. Either way, she will continue to sign up for the non-fb stuff first. I’ve noticed usually the fb stuff doesn’t show up anyway. ☹

  10. Laura says:

    I don’t have facebook

  11. Faye says:

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way about facebook. I don’t use facebook at all. I hate it. Does that company need all those likes? What are they? 12?

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