L’Oreal Hair Care Treatment Sample

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Right now you select one of five samples from the drop down box on the top right, depending on what your hair needs are.  What they offer usually changes each month or so.  

Unfortunately this offer has ended, please see other women freebies here

11 Responses to L’Oreal Hair Care Treatment Sample

  1. patricia says:

    There’s nothing there free Korea,they want you to buy,i want a free sample,i don’t want to buy??!!!!

  2. Amber says:

    I’ve noticed that! I don’t understand it either. You would think that ppl would know how to use comp crap by now if they subscribe …. Cmon folks the comments does nothing to get samples you HAVE TO HIT SIGNUP HERE( it’s underlined lol)

  3. tichayn says:

    you people thinking you will get your samples by leaving these little messages like “yes please” = Uh – What? Even if this was the area where you signed up – how would they know where to send the sample?

    What’s the matter? Can’t people read anymore?

  4. Gerri says:

    Hi I would like to say that when you want any of these free samples just look at the sample and where it says sign up here in red and underlined, this is where you go and put in your information to receive the sample. That goes for all samples posted here. Hope this helps!

  5. Gerri says:

    Yes I agree with you too Ann!

  6. Rebecca Lord says:

    I would love to try a sample! If it works well I’ll definitely purchase I love anti aging products but I am always reluctant to buy in fear it won’t work.

  7. Rebecca Cunningham says:

    Leads me to hair care sample no skin care

  8. Sue Kirby says:

    Takes to hair care not skin care sample

  9. Cesar Mendoza says:

    I keep trying to sign up but it doesn’t work!

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