Marlboro Freebies – (Solor Powered Phone Charger)

marlboro freebies
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Available Again: To get the Marlboro freebies you must be 21 years of age or older.  Login or register, most accounts have this available at the time of this post. The offer is in the last slide on their homepage.  Offer should go fast.  

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9 Responses to Marlboro Freebies – (Solor Powered Phone Charger)

  1. Christina Nichols says:

    Marlboro is really great at giving gifts! I have been keeping my eye on this one sense they ran out last time and finally made it! They have really great promo, games and opportunities to win stuff and they are really into making a difference in cleaning up littered cigarette butts right now along with many other environmental cleanups through the year. My absolute favorite thing about Marlboro (besides the monthly coupons) are the birthday gifts!! Every year for the passed 5 years they have sent me a pretty sweet birthday gift! This year it wasn’t as nice as passed year but it was still something. They gave me a nice wooden bottle opener this year. Last year I was sent a sick pair of sunglasses that came with 3 different interchangeable frames! Now that im getting older and dont have birthday parties like I used to or my parents anymore to send my birthday gifts and wishes those small gifts mean a lot to me!

  2. Dante Hicks says:

    Christina….that’s a fair trade – your lungs for a birthday gift every year.

  3. Rachel Evans says:

    Got it!Thanks Marlboro

  4. Alisha says:

    Dante Hicks, please tell me how you have NO VICES at all…? I’m 40 yrs old and have yet to meet a person without at least 1 vice (drinking,smoking,drugs,shopping,eating). You get the point. I promise WE all lay our head down at night regretting something we do.Its nice to pray for someone instead of judging so openly. So here’s praying for you.

  5. Tammy says:

    It says on the way.

  6. Laura Potter says:

    my says processing

  7. Dante Hicks says:

    @Alisha…no vices. I drink to hydrate, only smoke if I’m on fire, shop for what I need and eat to survive (OK, maybe a little cunnilingus every now and then). And no regrets so far…

  8. Que Grant says:

    I got mines in the mail yesterday I am very excited it works
    Thank You Marlboro I am a happy customer.

  9. Alisha says:

    Dante Hicks…maybe your need for perfection (or for others to think your perfect) is your vice. There is nothing wrong with flaws, especially that one. I know its one of mine (I’m working on it). It tends to make others feel belittled.

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