Free NEA Anti-Bullying Kit

free bullying kit
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Help children by getting a free NEA Anti-Bullying kit.  Adults can make a huge difference in bullying including prevention and identifying when bullying is occurring.  Start your action by signing up for the free anti-bullying kit now. 
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4 Responses to Free NEA Anti-Bullying Kit

  1. janice guarneri says:

    this could be a huge asset considering its still the beginning of the year for both my elementary school & middle school

  2. alana king says:

    my 2 sons could be using this info they are aged 11 and 8 one of which is autistic

  3. Victoria totman says:

    I hope to get this! Some of the people in my high school need to know about this I will for sure show all of my teachers!

  4. Theresa Hamilton says:

    My nephew is 10 and had slight autism. They bully him. I would love to get my nephew on so he could educate them. He very very smart!

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