Tampico Seasoning Sample

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Free Tampico Seasoning sample.  Liven up you foods a bit by trying Tampico’s Lemon Pepper flavor.  I posted this one about two weeks ago and then Tampico changed their page soon after.  I will watch this one closely.  Not that they are just saying they are offering a freebie in order to get some publicity from freebie sites. 
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6 Responses to Tampico Seasoning Sample

  1. Hope says:

    Site off-line

  2. sacha cherry says:

    Please send me a sample

  3. Tina says:

    It said at the end of the promotion I would get my sample. We shall see.

  4. Virginia Mcelroy says:

    Please send me a free sample

  5. Shays says:

    This one worked for me this time. But even their terms of the promotion seem a little sketchy about how they can close the promotion at any time for any reason. Hopefully, they’re playing fair!

  6. Lisa says:

    Just to comment, almost all of these “Free samples” have a clause saying they can end the promotion at any time (although it’s usually in small print at the bottom of the screen). I was a bit thrown as well by the “you will receive it at the end of the promotional period” thing.

    Oh well, the site did load for me — we’ll just have to wait and see. I have yet to ever get a seasoning packet in the mail from this company or any others that I’ve requested samples from. Of course, the last time I made a comment like that about t-shirts, I did finally get one from a company . . . . so here’s hoping.

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