Free Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Sample

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The first 25,000 who sign up can request a free sample of Southern Breeze sweet tea.  They are offering one of these per household and are available while supplies last.  

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3 Responses to Free Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Sample

  1. Daren says:

    Sample offer has ended.

  2. Justine Cristina Cordova says:

    Good Afternoon, I”d really appreciate it ,.If I can receive a free Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Sample .Thank You! Have A Great Day!

  3. Dante Hicks says:

    Do you even read the comments here? Sample offer has ended. That means that there are none left. If there were any left, you would not get one because this is not the place to request a freebie. Are they supposed to send one to every Justine Cristina Cordova on the planet to insure that you get one? They are not psychic (possibly psychotic, but who knows?)

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