Skoal Freebies (Waterproof Phone Pouch)

skoal freebies
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Occasionally you can receive Skaol freebies by registering or logging into their website. This time, while supplies last you can request a free waterproof phone pouch. Click on the “Get Started With a Free Gift”. If interested, see if it is still available.

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2 Responses to Skoal Freebies (Waterproof Phone Pouch)

  1. Joshua Minett says:

    Must be over 21 to complete.

  2. slick1048 says:

    i’ve tried two different times in order to get a promotional gift. the first time i wanted the promo DOME LIGHT, the second time it was for a free iPHONE CASE. for me, the registration process is difficult due to my physical limitations. this is what happens time and time again: i fill in ALL of the blanks and click the button to submit the form, i then get a popup that says i need to insert the ccn: 1) i didn’t even know what a ccn was so i looked it up and found it is my customer number found on all my emails from them. 2) what emails from them? i can’t get any emails from them because i’m not registered with them…duh! and 3) even if i had the elusive ccn number, there is not a field on the form to insert the ccn, not only is there no ccn field, all fields are filled in with the appropriate information. Now i suspect i will get an e-mail with a ccn (or maybe not because i’still not registered) from them after posting this complaint but still there is no place on the registration form to put that number. maybe if someone sees this post they can tell me what i’m doing wrong. thank you.

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